Important Dates & Discount Periods

Onward Property Tax Services


Receive a 2% discount on payments of property taxes.

Receive a 1% discount on payment of property taxes.

Full amount due on property taxes by March 31st. Final(fourth) property tax installment program payment due by March 31st. Tax payers currently enrolled in the installment program do not need to reapply to continue in the program.

APRIL All unpaid real estate property taxes become delinquent April 1st, At this time a 3% penalty is added to the gross amount.

All unpaid tangible personal property taxes become delinquent on April 1st. At this time a 1.5% penalty is added to the gross amount.

New applications for the next years Installment Payment program must be turned in by April 30th.

A listing of delinquent real estate taxes are advertised once a week for 3 consecutive weeks in the local newspaper. The cost of this advertisement is added to the tax bill.

A listing of delinquent tangible personal property is advertised one time in the local newspaper. The cost of this advertisement is added to the tax bill.

The Tax Certificate Sale for delinquent taxes begins on or before June 1st.

Tax Warrant processing begins on delinquent tangible personal property taxes June 1st.

First Installment payment is due June 30th.

First installment payment must be received by July 30th, no discount is allowed and a 5% penalty is added. Failure to make the first installment payment will drop the taxpayer from the program.

Second installment payments are due by September 30th.

Collection of Real Estate and Tangible Personal Property taxes begin. Payments made by November 30th receive a 4% discount.

Receive a 3% discount on payment of real estate and tangible personal property taxes.

Third installment payment is due by December 31st.