Installment Options

Onward Property Tax Services


Taxpayers may choose to pay their property taxes in quarterly installments. To be eligible for this payment plan, the taxpayer’s prior years taxes must be in excess of $100.00 and an application for this payment plan must be filed with the Tax Collector prior to May 1st of the tax year. Applications are available from the Tax Collector’s office or using the online form at the bottom of this page.

Once accepted into the installment plan, the property will remain on the plan until the taxpayer requests to be dropped from the plan or the 1st Installment payment is not made by July 30th. Once dropped from the installment plan, the taxpayer must re-apply. Installment bills are mailed on the first day of the following months; June, September, December and March. The following is a payment schedule for the Installment Plan:

  • 1st Installment: ¼ of the prior year’s taxes discounted 6%. Payment due by June 30th to receive discount. Payments made after June 30th and before July 31st will receive no discount.
  • 2nd Installment: ¼ of the prior year’s taxes discounted 4.5%. Payment due by September 30th.
  • 3rd Installment: Current tax liability less the 1st and 2nd installment payments divided by 2, discounted 3%. Payment due by December 31st.
  • 4th Installment: Current tax liability less the 1st, 2nd and 3rd installment payments, no discount allowed. Payment due by March 31st.


The Columbia County Tax Collector has chosen to allow partial payments to be made against current property taxes as directed by Florida Statute 197.374. Payments under this plan will begin November 1st of each year.

The state approved payment plan is designed to allow payments to be made starting November 1st of each year and to have the balance of current property taxes paid by March 31st. Any balance remaining after March 31st will be considered delinquent and all applicable penalties, costs and fees will apply to the delinquent balance. If the balance is still remaining as of the Annual Certificate Sale a Tax Certificate will be issued which could result in loss of title.

It is the responsibility of the taxpayer participating in the partial payment plan to keep track of payments made and any balances due. There will be no reminder bills mailed prior to April 1st.

If you would like to pay your current property taxes under this Partial Payment Plan please contact our office by phone or come into our office to sign up. You can also fill out the Partial Payment Agreement online and you can send it into us. By signing up for Partial Payments you understand that payments will only be accepted under this plan from November 1st through March 31st.

If you have any questions you may reach the Tax Collector’s Office at (386) 758-1080.